The (RED) model

Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows I have a soft spot for the Product (RED) campaign. That’s why I was pumped to find out that Microsoft and Dell have jumped on the philanthropic bandwagon to offer (RED) computers for Valentines Day (cheesy, but hopefully successful). I won’t lie – I would rather rip out my eyelashes than buy a Dell, but their connection with Product(RED) has me tempted.

But to the point: While other charities are showing lower and lower donations, the (RED) campaign has been fairly successful both in gaining profitable partnerships and in donations/purchases.

My question is, why? What can be learned from this campaign to benefit equally worthy causes?

Can we attribute the success of this campaign to the range of products? The (RED) campaign does a really good job of hitting different demographics with different interests so that just about anyone can get involved. Preps (like myself) can hit up the GAP for a feel-good trip to the mall; American Express lets you max out your credit card for a good cause; and tech-lovers can chose from Apple, Motorola and (now) Dell products to help this cause.



Is it their online presence? (RED) has done an exemplary job of providing information on their cause and campaign online for internet-lover to search through.

Attractive advertising? Whether it’s print or televised advertising, (RED) has covered its bases with strong and aesthetically pleasing advertising.

Is it the cause? Is it a combination of all of the above factors? In any case, it seems like charities and organizations could utilize any and all of these techniques to beef up their efforts in raising donations.

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