The Technology Bond

The other day I was rushing to get through my to-do list when I realized I was two hours late to meet up with a friend. As I reached for my phone, I wondered why my friend had not called. Once I began dialing his number, I noticed that my phone was off…. Dead battery.

Since I was on campus I figured I would just call from a land-line. I was wrong in assuming that I could call long-distance, and thus my only option was to communicate via email. I knew that the email would be in vain because my friend does not receive emails via phone; at this point I was stuck in a time warp.

What was I to do without a means to communicate? Without the use of technology what could I do? These two questions have been on my mind for the past week, leading me to the conclusion that a life without technology includes an endless need to be resourceful.

Two days later, it happened to me all over again. AH! My group of girlfriends was in a panic, thinking that surely something terrible had happened to me. Clearly, catastrophe could be the only reason for my tardiness.

Odd how that use of technology can implicate life or death to others. This is a bit melodramatic perhaps, but it makes me realize how heavily we rely on technology for connection in many types of relationship. Whether these relationships be friendly, family or professional, without technology our world can easily be thrown into a tailspin of worry, fear and confusion.



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