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Universal Search: The On-Ramp For Small Business Video

Now that all of the major IYP providers have rolled out some form of video product, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a plethora of options when it comes to reaching the masses with online video. But Mike Boland notes that for the tech-savvy SMB owners who want to go it alone, blended search has made it much easier to maximize the benefits of online video content.

SMB owners can create how-to videos, produce their own commercials, or even shine a spotlight on some of their favorite customers--and if the video is optimized properly, they can wind up snagging prime placement on the SERP, often by being the only multimedia content in their category.

Boland says that right now video serves as a "back door" for SMBs trying to get into the top spots across all of the engines--since bid pressures or lack of authority may keep them out when it comes to plain text links. With the engines automatically reserving some of the highest ranked positions for video content, just putting it out there (and submitting it to the myriad video sharing sites) is enough to snag maximum visibility for SMBs.



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