If J. P. Morgan Says It, It Must Be True...

In a recent report, J.P. Morgan was bullish on the prospects of online advertising saying that “the demographic profile of the Internet population is attractive, which should be another positive factor in driving growth in online advertising.”

NOTE to self: find remaining media directors still holed up in bomb shelters anticipating Y2K disaster, update them on the progress of the Internet.

“Internet users are still younger, better educated, and generate higher income than the general U.S. population. Among the 18-49 demographic that is highly coveted by advertisers, online users in this age bracket over-index by 100-300 basis points versus the total U.S. population.”

NOTE to self: help agency creatives departments understand that television-like video spots broadcast over the Internet (thanks to EyeWonder’s playerless technology) can reach audiences enormously larger than network TV, at a fraction of the media cost.

“In addition, online users also have a greater percentage of its population base that is college educated (31%) and also generate above average household income ($55,000 per year).”



NOTE to self: Get stats from Jumpstart Digital Marketing that shows auto makers are the leading users of rich media on the web proving that big ticket items can effectively be advertised on the Internet to high income audiences.

“Moreover, children (aged 5-12) and teenagers (aged 13-18), another attractive target segment for advertisers, continue to be the fastest-growing segment of the online population, rising 155% and 97%, respectively, from 1998-2001.”

NOTE to self: Negotiate time for myself on the home computer since 14 year old son thinks IMing more efficient than phone call to neighbor living 37.5 feet away. Or simply yelling out window.

“As a result of these appealing demographics, we believe that online medium will be difficult for advertisers to ignore as they seek to reach the targeted 18-49 demographic. Coupled with higher income and education levels, we believe that advertisers will be increasingly attracted to the online medium.”

NOTE to self: move brokerage account to J.P. Morgan. Send email of study results to all 7,500 agency and client contacts.

John Durham is COO of Interep Interactive. He may be reached at

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