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Kick 'Em While They're Down: MSN Headhunts Yahoo Employees

Henry Blodget's got the scoop on Microsoft's opportunistic (or ruthless) recruitment team, and how they're sending "Worried about your job? Come check us out" e-mails to a few select Yahoo employees.

One such promising candidate sent Blodget the letter in its entirety, which he shares in the blog post. Although there is no mention of an actual position, the headhunter goes in for the kill relatively quickly, writing: "I know a lot of people from Yahoo have been reaching out to us lately because they are nervous about pending layoffs. I wanted to give you an opportunity to explore Microsoft careers as well."

Microsoft's strategy is simple, according to Blodget. "If Yahoo won't sell out to you, then just hire their people." It will be interesting to see the rate of attrition between the two companies once Yahoo actually starts making the layoffs--statistics that a site like SAI will likely get the scoop on as well. Stay tuned.



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