More Features, Please!

As consumers demand more advanced tech toys, why does it seem like companies are stalling? For instance, SIRIUS satellite answered to competitor market shares with their handheld model. But, why are they always competing with a widely used product. Why not take the lead?

An example for satellite radio would be to enhance the in-car radio screen. Currently, I can access different information by using the control keys. One feature is the artist name, song name and music genre. But even with all of these features, I still want more. It is common for my friends and I to disagree on what the lyric lines are to our favorite new song. Therefore, I think it would great to have the option of having the lyrics run along the screen, like an in-car karaoke! Already many drivers and riders sing while in the car, now we could all at least be singing the correct words (while remaining mindful of careful driving of course).

With the launch of the new Microsoft Sync, satellite radio companies need to advance. However, it seems as though the idea of creating an in-car karaoke has begun. Recently at the International Consumer Electronics Association in Las Vegas, NV, a new GPS system capitalized on the in-car karaoke concept. During the week of January 7-10, an attendee filmed the following video:



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