Is YouTube helpful in the classroom?

One day last week my professor planned on showing a video to our class, but for some reason the audio wouldn't work. While a student was on the phone calling our Video Information Systems department (hoping they could help us) my professor tried to by some time. It's always inconvenient, especially in the classroom, when technology fails. You sit in your seat patiently waiting for the professor to figure out what the heck is going on while thinking to yourself, "Can we just go?"

Well, a student suggested that we go online and look for the video on YouTube. Sure enough, he found the movie and played the clip that the professor wanted to show us. This is not the first time I have had a professor use YouTube in the classroom. In fact, I have many professors this semester that use it on a regular basis and I can understand why. It's a great resource because it has practically every video/movie imaginable on it, thus making it really helpful and convenient.

So, overall, I think the use of YouTube in the classroom is very popular and will continue to grow. And as a student I don't mind just as long as it used for academic purposes...well, who am I kidding? A funny clip here and there is just fine.



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