Healthline Networks Adds Search Tools, Content Partners

The Healthline Networks portal has undergone an expansion, with the addition of new search functionality, applications and content from partners like StayWell and the American Hospital Formulary System (AHFS) to better serve online health information seekers.

Based in San Francisco, Healthline serves a reported 15 million monthly visitors with content on health and wellness, including specific features on prescription drugs, health products and lifestyle changes. The new search functionality, called Healthline Drug Search, aims to help users better manage their medications, prevent harmful drug interactions and research alternatives.

A tool called Interaction Checker lists all possible negative interactions, from other drugs and supplements, to herbs and foods, while Pill Finder lets a consumer enter info about a drug (like color, shape and visible markings) to identify what type of medication it is. There's also an image gallery with drug photos as well as a drug facts FAQ.

Healthline also embedded more than 170 applications into the site such as a BMI calculator, a breast cancer risk assessment, as well as quizzes on topics like managing diabetes. StayWell, a division of Chatham, N.J.-based MediMedia USA, is the company that powers the new apps. In addition, the Healthline partnered with AHFS and Natural Standard, a publisher of holistic and alternative medicine, to seed the network with more reference sources and expert opinions.



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