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Argos Translations: A Case Study In Lead Generation

Poland-based Argos Translations kicked off 2006 with a Web site redesign that garnered a whopping 240% increase in traffic. But by 2007, the company needed a new strategy to help maintain that traffic and generate more qualified leads at the same time. Using four tactics, Argos ended up increasing leads by 58%, page views by 34%, time on-site by 46% -- and decreased the site's bounce rate by 12%.

The company started by developing more content--creating two new language versions of the Web site to attract non-English speakers. The marketing team at Argos optimized the content by having it translated by native speakers of the new languages. Then they conducted extensive keyword research to identify prime terms and phrases that their target market would search for.

The team also created a white paper to help qualify leads, optimized it for prime organic search positioning, and enticed potential customers to exchange their contact info for access to the full paper. Argos also developed a link-building campaign and performed extensive tests on the site's design, including link and image placement.



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