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Omgili: The Alt Search Engine That Keeps On Truckin'

Omgili, the search engine for "subjective information" like product ratings and reviews, discussion boards and Q&A sessions, has rolled out its latest new feature: Google@Omgili. The service allows users to get search results from both Google and Omgili in the same window, with links to any discussions pertaining to the Google results.

This is the latest of many updates and tools that Omgili has added since its beta launch in 2007, including last month's Omgili Buzz, which gives searchers a view of the most popular discussions on the Web in the form of topic clouds and graphs.

In November 2007, the engine rolled out a beta version of Omgili Product Reviews, which offers users an at-a-glance view of consumer sentiment about specific products (as aggregated from sites around the Web). And in October Omgili added Search Aid, which assists users in forming their queries (much like Google Suggest and Yahoo Search Assist).



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