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Increase Conversions By Making Visitors Feel Like Insiders

The multitasking of Web site content never ends. In addition to drawing in users via SEO, reiterating the value proposition of a paid search ad and moving potential buyers further along the purchase pathway, Ian Lurie says that on-page content should also serve to make visitors feel like insiders--as it will lead to increased conversions.

"If you can make visitors to your website feel like they're insiders, they'll buy, vote, read or otherwise convert into a great audience," Lurie says. And it starts with giving them info that they can't get anywhere else, like a recipe, breaking news, or previously unpublished how-to tips.

Offer visitors a special deal (like 15% off a product if they purchase within the hour, a free white paper or other bargain), develop a unique lexicon and take time to craft a personal response to their comments, questions or other communication, if possible.



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