Online Advertising Impressions Jump 77%

Online Advertising Impressions Jump 77%

First, a corrected table from Nielsen to replace data forwarded in a Brief last week. had been inadvertently omitted from the 1st column. Nielsen folks made it clear that they were sorry for the original transmission and apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused.

(corrected) Top 10 News & Information Sites

Brand or ChannelUnique Audience (000)Active Reach (%)
Weather Channel3,5184.49
Yahoo! News2,8913.69
ABC News1,4691.87
The New York Times1,3871.77
Gannett Newspapers1,1691.49
Nielsen//NetRatings Audience Measurement Data Week ending May 26, 2002

And, of current interest, top online advertising categories…

According to data from the Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance service overall online advertising impressions jumped 77 percent year-over-year to 94.2 billion impressions in May as compared to 53.2 billion ad impressions one year prior. Retail goods and services took the top spot as the No. 1 industry advertising on the Web.

Charles Buchwalter, vice president of client analytics, NetRatings, said "Retail companies continue to lead all industry segments in using the Web to get their marketing and branding messages across. Books and CDs are still the most dominant products promoted on the Web.

Top Online Advertisers by Industry

Industry May 2002 May 2001Percent
Online AdOnline Adv Growth
1. Retail Goods & Services 33.8 billion 19.4 billion 74%
2. Financial Services 14.4 billion 9.1 billion 59%
3. Web Media 12.1 billion 8.8 billion 38%
4. Travel 5.4 billion 1.3 billion 304%
5. Entertainment 4.3 billion 2.5 billion 70%
6. Consumer Goods 4.1 billion 2.8 billion 46%
7. Telecommunications 3.7 billion 933.3 million 277%
8. Health 3.5 billion 1.1 billion 221%
9. Hardware & Electronics 3.3 billion 1.2 billion 178%
10. Business to Business 3.2 billion 3.8 billion -17%
11. Public Services 2.7 billion 724.6 million 272%
12. Automotive 1.9 billion 819.7 million 136%
13. Software 1.9 billion 776.4 million 147%
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance, May 2002

Figures exclude House Ads which are ads placed on an advertiser’s own Web property.

Top Advertisers by Industry

Industry Company Impressions
1. Retail Goods & Services Bertelsmann AG 5.2 billion
2. Financial Services Netstock Corporation 1.2 billion
3. Web Media USA Networks, Inc. 1.2 billion
4. Travel USA Networks, Inc. 1.0 billion
5. Entertainment Cassava Enterprises 1.1 billion
6. Consumer Goods Spiegel, Inc. 407.6 million
7. Telecommunications AT&T Corp. 1.4 billion
8. Health, Inc. 2.5 billion
9. Hardware & Electronics Dell Computer Corporation 1.2 billion
10. Business to Business Oracle Corporation 788.9 million
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance, May 2002

"The full banner continues to be the most prevalent ad element accounting for 32 percent of all impressions and 51 percent of all online advertisements driving traffic, indicating that the next wave of online advertising innovation has yet to arrive." Buchwalter added.

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