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Google Maps Is Equivalent Of IYP: Growing Misconception

There's a growing disconnect between small and medium business (SMB) owners and Google when it comes to the perception of what kinds of services they get in exchange for buying PPC ads, according to Miriam Ellis. The biggest misconception is that their PPC spend somehow influences their positioning when it comes to Google Maps. "There is no amount of money any business owner can give to Google to get a guaranteed ranking in Maps," Ellis says.

While there are written policies and FAQs about what SMBs get when they submit a listing to Google Maps, Ellis argues that some of the info is unclear, and possibly even misleading.

Whereas SMB owners are used to giving their yellow pages (or IYP) rep a sum of money and getting a guaranteed listing, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and manipulate it as necessary--it's not that way at all with Google Maps. And Ellis says that by upselling Adwords while counseling SMBs, Google Maps reps are helping to make the situation worse, as they're "furthering the money = preferential treatment delusion."



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