GoFish Adds WeeWorld And Its WeeMees To Network

  • February 27, 2008
GoFish Corp. has added WeeWorld, an avatar-based social network, to its newly-launched youth-focused online entertainment and media network.

WeeWorld is a site for young adults to uniquely express themselves and communicate with peers. Teens and young adults go to WeeWorld to create their own WeeMee avatar--expressing their personal style through an extensive assortment of personal features, clothes, accessories and hobbies. More than 21 million WeeMees have been created worldwide. The addition of WeeWorld increases the domestic reach of the GoFish Network to 18.2 million unique users, according to GoFish.

On WeeWorld, GoFish advertisers can run graphical display ads, Flash animations, specialized games, backgrounds, environments and sponsorships such as branded assets (clothing, furniture, electronic goods, cosmetics, etc.). In addition, GoFish will distribute age-appropriate syndicated video content from various partners across its network of sites.

Advertisers on the GoFish Network include: Activision, AT&T Wireless, Build a Bear, Cartoon Network, Disney, Electronic Arts, Hewlett Packard, Kellogg's, Konami, Lego, Mead Paper, Microsoft, Nintendo, Random House, Sony and Verizon Wireless.

--Tanya Irwin



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