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Study: Agencies Ill-Equipped For Social Media

  • Adweek, Friday, February 29, 2008 11:01 AM
More and more clients, per a new study, are demanding that their agencies be proficient in social media--whatever that means. A TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony poll of 60-plus marketers in North America, France and the UK found that "agencies don't get it." Frustratingly, the study says they either treat interactive social sites like blogs as traditional media, or their half-baked ideas lack a fundamental understanding of how consumers use social media. "I think traditional ad agencies have very little contribution to make," Bryan Simkins, a marketing specialist at FedEx, told TNS. "They are mostly driven by their compensation models, which are made for closed media. Those models don't apply in open media."

That's bad news for marketers, because they need help charting unknown media territory.

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