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Google Gadgets In Organic Search Results

  • SEOish, Friday, February 29, 2008 1:15 PM
The latest media type to get included on a Google SERP via Universal Search are widgets (or Gadgets, as the giant calls them)--and Patrick Sexton illustrates how Gadgets in search results look and feel.

The first example is a Gadget that shows the three latest posts from Search Engine Land, and Sexton explains the rationale that goes into creating that kind of widget--including how to brand it but not make it appear too dissimilar from the links around it.

At the moment, only users that are taking part in Google's Subscribed Links (customized search) will see the Gadgets in their results, but chances are that the giant will roll the feature out across the board once it's been tested and the kinks are straightened out. Google has shown that it's willing to experiment with various types of content in the sponsored results as of late--including Gadgets and now videos--so it makes sense that widgets will soon show up in the organic results as well.

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