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FTC Chairman Majoras Joining P&G

Deborah Platt Majoras--who as chairman of the Federal Trade Commission has received high marks from industry representatives and consumer advocates for her knowledge of the issues and willingness to listen to all sides--will join Procter & Gamble in June as vice president and general counsel. Majoras, 44, will have primary responsibility for P&G's global antitrust and litigation practice.

During Majoras's four-year tenure at the FTC, companies such as DirecTV and Ameriquest Mortgage paid millions in fines to settle charges of illegal telemarketing. The FTC also brought cases against several pharmaceutical companies, alleging that they paid off generic-drug makers to keep generic medications off the market.

Majoras also endured her share of controversy. For example, the FTC faced criticism for tackling childhood obesity by calling on soda, cereal and snack-food companies to change their marketing practices--an approach favored by the industry but not consumer groups, which view self-regulation as too weak.



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