Commission Junction And Topica Join Forces

  • May 29, 2003
Commission Junction and Topica have formed a partnership to provide education and resources promoting responsible email practices to the members of the Commission Junction network. These "Best Practices for Responsible Email" include Permission based opt-in procedures, Easy unsubscribe links in every email, and Clear and truthful "From" address. Through the Commission Junction/Topica partnership, publishers in the Commission Junction network will be able to participate in a Topica Webinar series focusing on responsible email practices, and will have access to Topica's email publisher tools for delivering email marketing campaigns. Publishers completing the online series will be so designated to Commission Junction advertisers. Additionally, Topica publishers will have the opportunity to join the Commission Junction network, and partner with advertisers to promote key performance-based offers to their opt-in audience. As more publishers join the network, the overall audience will continue to grow and email practices will become more refined.
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