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Ad Trashes McCain On Support For Airbus

A progressive group has rolled out a new ad that takes presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain to the woodshed for backing an Air Force decision to award a huge contract to Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturing consortium that, ironically, includes a favorite conservative bugaboo: France.

"A message of thanks to John McCain from the French people," the ad says -- in French with English subtitles. It comes from the Campaign for America's Future and the Gallic imagery continues as "John McCain, hero of France," is on a banner on the Arc de Triomphe in the opening scene, and the Senator from Arizona is also shown wearing a beret and a curly mustache.

"Thanks for helping the U.S. military choose a French company, Airbus. Tens of thousands of jobs for the French and thousands fewer for Americans, ha, ha, ha!" the ad continues. "It's a great day for France. Long live John McCain and long live France." The spot came out the same day McCain met French President Nicolas Sarkozy.



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