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IMedix: Health Search With Social Edge

  • SEOmoz, Monday, March 24, 2008 1 PM
IMedix is a service that blends a robust health search engine with a social network. For example, a user searching for "diabetes" will find a sidebar alongside the standard results, featuring members that are interested in the subject and willing to talk about it. "This takes advantage of some big psychological strengths in the health field--namely the need to "not be alone" when dealing with health issues," says Rand Fishkin. "I'd imagine that iMedix's community is held together by stronger bonds than most, and that, potentially, gives them a powerful edge."

In his interview with iMedix cofounder, CMO and President Iri Arimav, Fishkin digs to find out whether the team thinks they can draw significant market share away from the core engines. And Arimav responds with a cautious, yet resounding yes.

"We believe that the experience of finding and sharing health information on the Web is about to change dramatically. People want more than search and browse. [They're] attracted to communicating with each other and engaging in various ways," Arimav says. "An exceptionally different and valuable experience can pull traffic mindshare away from traditional web properties, [and] the experience iMedix offers to consumers is very different than Google/Yahoo or Live."



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