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PPC: The Advertiser's 'American Idol'

PPC campaigns and Fox's "American Idol" have a lot in common, according to Jenn Weeks. Think about it. "Idol" contestants have to use a combination of factors like strong vocals, charisma and stage presence to win over the judges in the early rounds--while advertisers have to win over vendors like Google and Yahoo through factors like keyword and landing page relevance, ad copy and bid prices.

Once they've cleared the first hurdle, "Idol" contestants then have to snag the public vote by choosing the right songs and connecting with the audience--and PPC advertisers have to snag searchers' clicks by crafting a targeted message that includes clear and persuasive calls to action.

"A well-strategized and executed PPC campaign can propel your site into becoming a known and trusted brand, just as 'American Idol' shaped Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and other pop idols that were 'American Idol' runners-up, but ultimately did not win," Weeks says. "They lost first place, but instead they won the hearts and ears of the American public. Obviously, it's highly unlikely they would have made it that far without the 'American Idol' branding vehicle." And without paid search--your brand isn't likely to stand out amidst the competition either.



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