Expands Men's Entertainment Site Internationally

  • March 28, 2008, an online entertainment community for men, is expanding internationally.

The Web site is localizing to a Japanese, German, Spanish and Korean audience.

"With the localization of our Website, we are able to provide our audience with video editorial in their own language, while at the same time provide advertisers with a way to optimize their ads and reach the 18-34 year-old male demographic on a global scale," said Keith Richman, CEO of Break Media.

As part of this first-stage rollout, each respective site will have fully translated local home pages and search functions. For example, any editorial content associated with a video will be translated into the respective language. If a user posts a video with editorial comments in German and someone is viewing it in Japanese, the video and the editorial content will be translated to Japanese.

--Tanya Irwin



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