My smartphone issues: SOLVED!

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions to help me solve my smartphone issues.

I purchased my HTC Tilt from AT&T, with a data plan, 450 minutes/month and my very first Bluetooth. Overall, I could not be happier.

I will say that having a smartphone does complicate some areas of my life. With my old phone, it would take 2 seconds to make a phone call or whip out a text message. No matter how quickly I learn how to type on my full keyboard, or how many shortcuts I find to making a phone call, it just takes longer on this phone. Additionally, it took a while to figure out where certain, simple features were – like the alarm clock and calculator.

All of that being said, I could not love my phone more. The time I spend with my phone has tripled, easily. I used to think it was obnoxious that people spent so much time hovering over their mobile screen, but now I know why! I wrote part of a final paper while sitting on a bus to a museum; I watch a lot of mobile video – mostly CNN updates; I wake up and check the weather, my e-mails, news and Facebook without leaving bed. I feel like petitioning to every major company to create mobile websites!

My media consumption behaviors have changed markedly, and have affected other areas of my day. I do not spend as much time at my computer, online. This was my major source of news, weather, and e-mails but I am generally up to date in each of these areas, so there isn’t as much urgency to get to a computer whenever I have free time.

I also don’t need to catch the news between classes on TV screens throughout campus; I usually have read the news on my phone already. Some areas have not changed as much. I still listen to my iPod because I have not downloaded any songs to my phone, yet. I still spend hours at my computer every night writing, because it is just easier to type out papers on a laptop keyboard.

My new smartphone has integrated itself seamlessly into my daily life and I am sure time will solve the problems I have had with the Tilt so far.

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  1. Geoff Caplan, March 31, 2008 at 9:13 a.m.

    iPhone is better and offers a more intuitive, functional and enjoyable experience.

    Geoff Caplan

  2. Brent Terrazas from Brentter Productions, March 31, 2008 at 11:21 a.m.

    Geoff -
    Fantastic example of a comment that serves no purpose..... Amanda was simply telling you she already bought a phone, then explaining her own user experience with the new toy, but lucky us - You go and provide a useless response to the likes of "you should have gotten an iPhone." A little late I would say, especially seeing how the article is on her experience with the brand new phone she just purchased.

    But hey, at least your useless banter allowed you to give us all a link to your website, i'm sure your Pagerank will undoubtably go up as a result of it being linked on a mediapost article (that's why they segment it to for link-crawlers like yourself)....good thing the quality of content matters more than some random link posting - You might want to brush up on your copyrighting prowess.

    Amanda - the only problem with any of the smart-phones I've used is when you try to integrate features like an mp3 player into your ever-day life after you're already accustomed to using another device (which most likely can hold far more mp3's than the phone), otherwise I'd have to agree with your own experience when comparing it to mine.... I find myself using my "smart" phone more frequently compared to my older model, which by definition could be considered a "dumb" phone (damn thing only let me place calls/txts)

    the real question is... where do you draw the line in terms of functionality? When is a phone no longer a phone?... i.e. when does the "added functionality/features" make using it more of a nuisance than a benefit (case in point - how it now takes you longer to send a txt or make a call)?

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