Informed and Loving It

While I was on Facebook the other day, an online forum I don't normally go to for news or information (the mini feed doesn't count), an Obama web banner caught my attention. The banner said: "Register to Vote for Obama...Deadline: Register by April 7th." Since I am very interested in this upcoming election I immediately clicked on the banner.

The banner then led me to another website where there was any and all information about the Indiana primaries. Since I am a student, and not from the county in which I go to school, I wanted information on how to vote for the Indiana I vote in the county where I am registered? Are there other options than obtaining an absentee ballot? All important information that I needed to know...

Well, like I had mentioned, the site had a lot of information about the Indiana primaries which included something particularly useful- a list of phone numbers for all of the campaign offices (for Obama) in Indiana. I called the local campaign office, got the answers to my questions, and then was directed to the online registration form. I filled out the form (really easy) and later that day, brought the form to my local campaign office. Done!



Not only was this process smooth and easy, the information listed on the website was thorough and concise. There have been many marketing tools over the years that have attempted to get 18-24 year olds to be interested in elections, get involved in campaigns and most importantly... vote. (i.e. Rock the Vote).

But using Facebook to help get 18-24 year olds informed and involved is brilliant and I think it will really be successful. Obviously, someone that is passionate about the election and politics is more likely to seek out information but again this helps everyone stay informed and for the students that aren't as interested, hopefully it will persuade them to care. I'm certain that I am not the only student that is now utilizing Facebook to stay informed and help support their favored candidate, but the questions is, how many students really are? And will this change the face of marketing for future elections?

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