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Need Some New Keywords? Do Thorough Site Review

  • PPC Hero, Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:45 PM
So you've reviewed your site's query and conversion reports, and tried all the keyword research tools--have you exhausted all of your options for sourcing new keywords? Not until you've done a thorough site review--with a particular focus on the deeper pages, says Joe Kerschbaum.

Your FAQ pages can offer insight into long-tail keywords that customers may be navigating to, and provide a good source for PPC ad copy. News update and press pages can also offer new keywords, since if your company is appearing at an upcoming conference, you can snag searchers with "PPC summit [company name]" queries, and so on.

And take another look at your product/service pages, this time with an eye for the kinds of problems they offer a solution to. For example, people in need of landscaping may not enter "lawn care" or even "landscaping" during a query--they may be in search of a solution for their "overgrown hedges," "lawn rehabilitation" or even" dead grass removal."



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