MySpace To Appoint Sales/Marketing President

headshotMySpace is expected to announce today the appointment of Jeff Berman to the new post of president of sales and marketing.

Berman--currently the company's executive vice president of marketing and content--now will oversee all of the social network's online marketing, content and programs, ad solutions, branded sales and the development of relationships with top advertisers across the company's 29 international territories.

In his new role, Berman will lead the development of content and marketing programs and the creation of new ad programs for brand partners, including strategies for driving online traffic optimization and integrating the company's HyperTargeting technology and ad-serving platform into campaigns.

Gone are the days of so-called "spray-and-pray" ad campaigns, when banner ads were spread across a Web network with little direction, Berman told Online Media Daily.

"The rate of adoption for our HyperTargeting technology has been phenomenal," he said. "Marketers want to know exactly who they're reaching online, and they want to do it with totally customized campaigns--it's my job to make that happen."

Berman has been responsible for spearheading the development and implementation of marketing initiatives for various MySpace franchises like music, film, comedy, the Impact Channel, and MySpaceTV.

Of his new role, Berman said: "I'm going to rack up a lot more frequent flyer miles developing campaigns one-on-one with marketers."

In 2007, Berman oversaw the launch of MySpaceTV, where he developed partnerships with media companies and sponsors including Prom Queen, a scripted series produced by Michael Eisner's studio Vuguru, Quarterlife, an online series created and owned by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick; Roommates, an original scripted Web series sponsored by Ford, and Special Delivery, a hidden-camera series sponsored by Cheetos.

Berman began his career at MySpace as senior vice president of public affairs, where he led the creation of the Impact Channel, MySpace's hub for social and political engagement.

In his new role, Berman will continue to report directly to Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace.

Prior to joining MySpace, Berman ran his own strategic, political, and crisis communications consulting firm, working with a range of non-profit, political, and private interests.

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