A Digital Move

Moving is a stressful task. I've moved at least three times and the hassle that comes along with that type of change can really make a person go crazy. But what about when you change your cell phone number? Landline phones are the minority now so when you change your cell phone number it's almost like you've moved.

So, how do you let people know that you've changed your number? When people move from one house to the next, sometimes they send pretty, creative cards that say" Just Moved! Here's our new address..." That way, you can make your announcement in one bulk mailing and be done with. Do you do the same for your new cell phone number?

I opted for a combination of two things...emailing and text messaging. From a business standpoint, I sent a bulk email out letting people know I have changed my cell phone number and they can now contact me at the number listed below. For my friends, I chose to just text message them. A majority of them already knew I was making the change so that was an easy transition on both ends. But what about all the people in between. How do you choose who stays in the contact list and who goes?

It turns into some sort of game of, "who do I really like and who don't I feel bad about deleting?" But, it's also kind of liberating to delete someone's name knowing that you may never talk to them again and some it's a struggle to figure I leave them in or kick 'em to the curb? Oh, the politics of address books.

Nevertheless, changing my cell phone number became a more difficult task than I though it would be, again, much like moving. Which is the very reason I decided to change my number...I'm moving soon. I wanted to have a local number for my clients to contact me at, but it's turning out to be somewhat of an inconvenience for the rest of the people I talk to.

And, I haven't even begun to contact everyone else outside of my friends and family like credit card companies, doctors' offices, insurance companies...the list goes on and on. I don't know about you, but I can't stand moving.

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