1 Million Blocked in First Day of Operation

  • May 27, 2003
With spam continuing to take online mailboxes hostage, C I Host has launched an extensive suite of anti-spam tools that put the customer in control of what emails should be blocked from their online mailboxes. In fact, spam has become such an overpowering issue that in less than one day, C I Host says it successfully blocked over 1 million spam emails from its network. The new anti-spam tools are available to C I Host customers on both Windows and UNIX mail servers. According to Web search engine, Yahoo, unsolicited bulk email, or spam, has been estimated to cost businesses about $8 billion a year in lost hours by employees and wasted resources. More than 40% of email traffic now consists of spam, and some industry experts fear that a continued rise in this annoying email will eventually render the electronic communications system unusable. A company of 10,000 employees currently loses more than $13 million a year in lost productivity due to spam, according to market research firm Gartner, and the problem is getting worse.
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