Ex-Tacoda Execs Continue To Exit AOL

  • April 22, 2008
The cleansing of Tacoda executives from AOL's ranks continues with the exit of President Daniel Jaye, former Tacoda Chief Financial Officer Mark Pinney, Senior Vice President of Ad Sales Matt Arkin and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Larry Allen.

In early March, ex-Tacoda CEO Curt Viebranz was sacked as president of AOL's Platform-A division, reportedly because he wasn't integrating its various parts fast enough.

And in February, Tacoda founder Dave Morgan left AOL just three months after being named executive vice president of its global advertising strategy.

Under the direction of new Platform-A head Lynda Clarizio, AOL is planning to cut about 100 employees across the ad-selling unit. The unit presently employs about 1,600 people. The consolidation is expected to be complete by the end of the month.

--Gavin O'Malley

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