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Yahoo's Search Monkey Runs Wild

The monkey is about to run wild, as Yahoo has issued a limited release of Search Monkey, a tool that allows site owners to customize the way their organic search listings appear. Users can add details like an infobar (a graphic with drop-down menus for more information), or reviews, a logo and other features to their listing. The goal is to create a search listing that better reflects the company's culture and entices users to click.

Interested site owners can sign up to be part of the trial run, or wait until Search Monkey's official launch in mid-May.

Still, Jordan McCollum notes that Search Monkey listings are opt-in--not default--which means that average searchers probably won't see them. "Some larger sites or Yahoo partner sites may have a default opt out instead, but as things have been explained thus far, there won't be a revolution unless users want it," McCollum says. "And do they?"



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