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Tips for Writing Great Title Tags

If you've got the right keywords and know where to put them, Jill Whalen has some tips for using that info to come up with effective, enticing title tags.

"You've got to take your few keyword phrases and arrange them in an order that provides you with the most benefit from search engines, while also appealing to your target audience within the search results pages," Whalen says.

She suggests choosing three keyword phrases for each Title tag--perhaps one highly competitive term and two that are less so--since there's only so much space available. You can supplement those chosen three with more diverse (but still targeted) keywords in the Meta description tags and in the pages' copy itself.

Whalen also says that you should aim for a 10-12 word Title tag--so if you're going to fit your three target phrases in there, then you'll have to be judicious about the other words you choose. "It's imperative to keep any jargon, superlatives or marketing fluff out of your Titles for this reason," she says.



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