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PTC Goes After CW's "Gossip Girl" Campaign

Parents Television Council is asking the CW Network to alter its ad campaign "Gossip Girl," a show aimed at teen viewers. The net's effort features a teen text message with a well-known curse word and also uses God's name in a supposedly "blasphemous" way, says Melissa Henson of the PTC.

"It's really deplorable that they are using such sleazy tactics to attract young audiences, and that they are targeting this particular ad campaign at teenagers." She also claims the show glamorizes casual sex and drug use and says that even though it is the most-watched show on the network among teen girls, CW is having a hard time attracting a loyal following.

But Rick Haskins, vice president of marketing at CW doesn't think the ad is "raunchy" or "borderline pornography" and says it is aimed at older viewers.



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