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Tips For Crafting Reader-Friendly Webpage Copy

While the idea of developing fresh, interesting content is a publishing standard, crafting copy for the Web is quite different than writing an article for print. "Experienced publishers will have to agree that clarity and simplicity do not mean the same as they did in the past," says Adam Nowak. "Filling in a website with text is against the rules and principles which they regarded as a strong point of their work until now."

Internet users most often scan content before choosing to read, so Nowak suggests including headlines and subheadings liberally, as well as using bulleted lists to help them digest the info in small chunks.

You should also think about the structure of your content, and how it fits into the page's template. For example, an e-tailer's pages might follow the scheme of product heading, product picture, price, body copy, and link to additional info. Adding too much copy to the product heading or too little text in the body section will throw readers off from what the template has conditioned them to expect.



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