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Jackie Baker gives, an agency that plans... well, golf vacations in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the once-over for keyword usage, link building efforts and overall site design.

While's Webmaster has done the necessary work by crafting unique, keyword-rich title tags and meta descriptions for each page, Baker says that he's narrowed the site's scope by using too many geo-targeted terms. "SEO will serve best by targeting visitors who are looking for a golf vacation, but aren't sure where they want to go," she says. "I would recommend using broader terms throughout the website that aren't location specific."

Meanwhile, needs to get started on a link-building campaign, as the site has roughly 4,000 inbound links--but many of them originate from the same low-authority Web sites. And all the links and keyword work aren't worth a darn if the site is not easy to use--and features way too much info all at once. Baker recommends reducing the clutter by breaking up the long paragraphs and making sure each page focuses on the core four--Web site name, tagline, navigation and call to action.



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