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Search In '08: An Investor's View

Laura Gallow serves up a take on the search developments in '08 from an investor's perspective. Right off the bat she says that finance types shouldn't count Yahoo out--even in the wake of a 20% share drop after the botched Microsoft buyout. "Yahoo! (Nasdaq) is not dead by a long shot," Gallos says. "While the 2 year trend has been a decline, there is much positive speculation about the future of company and thus the stock."

Google rode out a rocky first quarter (well -- speculations about one, at least), so she thinks that the share price won't tumble by 45% again any time in the near future. And as for Microsoft, the software giant has continued to chug on, in the midst of "the oil price and general instability in the market" that dragged down estimates for many of its tech brethren.



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