Redesigned Continental Site Sets Sales Record

  • June 25, 2003, the online arm of Continental Airlines, enjoyed its best-ever month in May. Sales at the site hit $102.2 million - an increase of 90% over May 2002 - and the company set a one-day online sales record in early May with a haul of more than $4.3 million. "Continental understands that customer satisfaction with all aspects of the Continental experience goes right to the bottom line," said Jim Compton, Continental's senior vice president, marketing, in a press release. "The redesigned web site has enabled our customers to realize the speed and ease of purchasing tickets online. The resulting booming online ticket sale business has helped us to significantly reduce distribution costs, which is a key to our ongoing success." was relaunched in fall 2002. It was designed by Semaphore Partners, a Publicis-owned provider of interactive services.
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