Carat Exchangers, MediaPosters, & TV Boarders: An OTX Cross-Platforming Survey

At the March 26, 2008 Carat Exchange, a quarterly gathering of media executives in New York and Chicago from the dominant food groups  i.e., advertising, content, technology, research, and distribution,  I mentioned fielding an online media usage questionnaire in partnership with OTX -- a leading global consumer research and consulting firm -- and industry trade publication MediaPost that would compare the media habits and attitudes of media professionals to those of the general public.

I thought it would be a good idea to offer the readers of my TV Board blog, along with Carat Exchanger and general MediaPost readers, an opportunity to participate in the survey in order to have our cumulative responses compared with data from The OTX Long Longitudinal Media Experience Study, a new syndicated study developed by OTX, which tracks the media behavior of online consumers (3,000), as well as their attitudes and opinions of established and emerging media-based content, platforms and technologies.



The study will present us with an opportunity to directionally gauge the differences (perceptions and reality) between advertising/media communities (MediaPosters and Carat Exchangers) and the general population. In other words, do the majority of Americans use and feel about the same technologies in the same way that we in the media business do? Is our industry "in" or "out" of "synch" with the American consumer?

The survey will take upwards of 10+ minutes to complete. Results will be presented exclusively to attendees at the next Carat Exchange (June 11 in New York) and receive MediaPost coverage following the forum. Also, anyone who participates will receive a copy of the results. The following is the survey link:

Thanks for your participation.    

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