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Have You Seen Changes In Your Ask Rankings?

Seems like an odd question, given the fact that there hasn't been much news out of the Ask camp regarding core search innovation (heck, not even a blog post since February!). But a recent Webmaster World forums thread reveals that some site owners have been seeing changes in their Ask rankings, and Navneet Kaushal rounds them up as proof that there may be an algorithmic shake-up going on.

"We have seen large jumps from Ask the last two weeks, most significantly this last Friday," wrote one forum member. "About a 40% increase in traffic since Friday. Ask normally makes up about 8% of SE traffic but has jumped up to 12% to 14%. We are #1 and #2 (we have both at the same time) now for hundreds of longer tail queries where before we were #4 and #5 (that I have tested for)."



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