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SEO Basics: One Keyword For Each Page

Brandon Cornett gets back to the basics of SEO with this post, outlining the three steps a Webmaster can take to help increase site traffic. "Essentially, you are going to write one page of quality Web content for each of your key phrases," he says. "When combined with other aspects of search engine optimization, this will greatly improve your online visibility and traffic levels."

Spend some time building a list of keywords and key phrases using tools like Keyword Discovery or Word Tracker--as they offer insight into the actual terms that your target has been using to search for your kinds of products or services. Plug the list into a spreadsheet with the headings "phrase" and "count," so that you can choose the most searched-for, as well as the most unique, terms. Then, take your chosen terms, and get started on building a page around each one.

"It might seem overwhelming to create that much web content, but you don't have to do it all at once," Cornett says. "Start with ten pages of content to support your top ten phrases. You can include variations of the same phrase on any given page, so that will help you make this task more manageable."



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