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The View From 2007: Average CTRs By Industry On Google Ads

In early 2007, Shimon Sandler asked his AdWords rep for some benchmarking data for click-thru rates (CTRs) on a by-industry basis. In the midst of spring (soon-to-be summer) file cleaning, Sandler found the slide she'd prepared for him, and decided to share it with the search community.

"I was told that these are from large comprehensive PPC campaigns from industry leaders," he says. "I don't think this can really be used as representative data for the Avg CTR for each of these industries. But, it's interesting data anyway."

Indeed. For example, average CTRs for the banking/savings vertical came in at 8%, while it was almost 5.7% for apparel manufacturers. In contrast, BtoB tech marketers only saw average click-throughs of 2.8%, and for auto sites, it was just 1.7%.



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