Newspaper Advertising An Important Influence on Consumer Shopping

Newspaper Advertising An Important Influence on Consumer Shopping

A recent BIGresearch bi-annual SIMM Survey of more than 12,000 respondents shows that nearly 40 percent said newspapers were "very important" or "important" when it came to influencing their purchasing decisions. More than half of those surveyed who consider newspapers highly influential in their buying decisions say advertisements for big sales prompt them to shop.

"Fewer media planners are seeing newspapers as vital to their advertising strategies," Vice President of Research Dr. Joe Pilotta said. "In order to stay competitive, newspapers must find a way to communicate the impact advertisements in their medium have on the audience."

According to Nielson Media Research, advertising spending in national newspapers continues to trend downward, dropping 7 percent in 2002 and 5 percent in the first quarter of 2003 while niche media -- like Hispanic television and local newspapers -- continue to see considerable gains.

When consumers in the sample were asked "When you decide to go shopping, what are the main reasons?" here are the responses...

  • Nearly 53 percent said "I see an ad for big sales."
  • Almost 69 percent said they go shopping when "I need something for myself" while
  • 53 percent said when "I have to buy gifts."
  • More than 55 percent of the same sample said "I need to buy for my family."

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