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Need Linkbait? It Starts With Research

  • 10e20, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 1:30 PM
Coming up with interesting, keyword-rich articles on a consistent basis isn't the easiest task for Web site owners (particularly if they're small business owners more focused on actually running the business). But Patrick Winfield has some tips for developing link-worthy content, and it starts with researching the heck out of a particular topic.

First, set up a Google Alert so that you can be notified whenever there's breaking news, or a new blog post or video uploaded for the topic of choice. Winfield also suggests trolling the comment streams of relevant blogs, as the discussions can often "be a huge step in keeping current and listening to the voice of a number of people," he says.

Also try the usual social media suspects like Digg and Reddit to see if your article idea has already been tried--and if so, how you can do it better. "So your article is about the 72 best karate moves in the movies," Winfield says. "Throw a new spin on it. Think of how this information was presented and ask yourself how you would have changed it our made it better."



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