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ICANN's Proposed Fee To Curb Domain Tasting Abuse Gains Support

Network Solutions is backing an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) proposal to levy a non-refundable 20-cent fee on each domain that is registered (and then discarded) within the five-day "domain tasting" period.

Web site buyers would only be charged the fee if the number of sites they deleted exceeded 10% of their overall registrations each month--which means that the proposal is aimed squarely at Webmasters that abuse the add grace period (AGP) system and set up made-for-AdSense (or other ad platform) sites.

Network Solutions, a domain-registration service, has come under fire in previous months for its own abuse of the Web site creation process, as some Webmasters have argued that the company would snap up available domains right after they'd checked to see if a given name was open. Network Solutions said that the tactic was designed to thwart chronic domain tasters, and that they'd abandon it in lieu of the new fee proposal.



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