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I Love Lederhosen: (Or How To Craft Interesting Content)

Diane Aull manages to make lederhosen (and the fictional company that sells them) engrossing in this post, which is all about using everyday experiences as fodder for product- (or service-)specific Web site articles.

Whether it's a quick blog about how to get schnitzel and sauerkraut stains out of lederhosen without harming the leather, or a section on how to accurately measure oneself for the best-fitting lederhosen, the most effective content blends some kind of personal experience with product knowledge, and of course, a call to action, Aull says.

The last detail is integral to crafting content that goes beyond just entertainment and drives sales. "Include a call to action linking to the appropriate product order page, thereby making it super-easy for visitors to buy the fabulous products they've just learned about in the article," Aull says. "This is the step site owners most often overlook, in my observation."



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