As Baggage Gets Emotional, Marriott Offers Ship-Ahead Perk

luggage on bedNow it's not just supermodels who can ship their luggage ahead to their next destination. Marriott is allowing members of its Marriott Rewards program to use points to send their bags straight to the hotel, enabling them to bypass the ever-expanding airport drama of checking, paying for, and then retrieving their suitcases.

The program--a partnership between Marriott Rewards and the Luggage Club--picks up customers' bags at their home or office prior to the trip and then returns it, with no limit on size, weight, or number of pieces and including things like skis and golf clubs.

The new program is aimed at reducing travel-related stress. "We want to make travel as easy as possible for our members," the company says. "This is a service that we think will be extremely valuable to our members who spend many of their days navigating airports."



A spokesperson says the new program will be marketed directly to members via electronic newsletter and its Web site.

Marriott Rewards gives members 10 Marriott Rewards points per dollar, which consumers can use on hotel stays, frequent flyer miles, cruises, car rentals, brand-name merchandise, and now, baggage.

A $500 luggage gift certificate, she says, would cost 105,000 points, and would be enough to get next-day delivery of a medium roller bag from Boston to Washington, D.C. and then back again.

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