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Think Like An Outsider To Improve Your Site

When you're constantly focused on achieving a client's goal, and doing the analytics, blogging, paid and organic search work to get there, it can be hard to pull away from the Web site and get a fresh view. But as Jeff Sexton notes, sometimes thinking like an "outsider" can be the final trick needed to drive conversions, boost traffic, or otherwise signify a project's success.

It starts with thinking in terms of a different context--a task that can be quite difficult when you've always thought about your laptop repair client's Unique Value Proposition (UVP) in terms of tech-savvy females aged 18-25, for example. Those digerati chicks may be your client's prime target, but try thinking about the UVP from the perspective of a 6th grader, or even your grandmother.

"Describe things through metaphor or parable, then pay attention to what doesn't "map" well from one idea to another--especially things that strike you as odd or comical when placed into this new context," Sexton says. "The 'that's funny' moments will become your portal to an outsider's perspective."



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