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Education-Friendly Search Engines

Though Google clearly owns the core search space, the search giant actually doesn't deliver the best results to all searchers all the time. Take college students, for example. "College students sometimes need more specific tools to help them uncover quality information on the Web that they can use for class projects, research papers, and even job and apartment searches," says Laura Milligan. And she lists the myriad alternatives students can turn to when in need of info on the Web.

For quick answers to reference-style questions, Milligan suggests, and wiki-searchers Powerset and AskWiki Beta. For answers on the go, there's even AskMeNow, which trolls wikis from a mobile phone.

Milligan also spotlights shopping search engines, including MySimon, ShopZilla and DealTime. There are also special engines for law and health students, like, and PubGene, which finds biology and genetics materials, respectively.



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