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Newfangled Milk Jug Leaves Consumers Crying Over Spills

A new milk jug adopted by both Wal-Mart and Costco has no real spout, and its unorthodox square shape makes consumers feel like novices at the simple task of pouring a glass of milk. "I hate it," says Lisa DeHoff, a cafe owner shopping in a Sam's Club in North Canton, Ohio.

The redesign, experts say, is an example of the changes likely to play out in the American economy as higher costs for energy and materials demand that many products be redesigned for greater efficiency. The jugs are cheaper to ship and better for the environment. Not to mention that the milk is fresher when it arrives in stores, and it costs less.

Luring shoppers with chocolate chip cookies and milk, Mary Tilton tried to educate the public on how to pour a few days ago at the North Canton Sam's Club. Instead of picking up the jug, as most people tend to do, she kept it on a table and gently tipped it toward a cup. Demonstrations are but one of several ways Sam's Club is advocating the containers. Signs in the aisle laud their cost savings and "better fridge fit."



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