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Get Your Site AdSense-Compliant, Or Else

  • JenSense, Monday, June 30, 2008 1:30 PM
Jennifer Slegg reports on a wave of Web site owners incurring penalties for AdSense non-compliance. Google has seemingly done away with the email notices offering a three-day grace period to make changes, as Webmasters are finding their entire domain banned from serving any AdSense ads instead. "And it can take several weeks for a compliance checker to re-check the site to make sure all the problems are fixed," Slegg says.

Exclusion-worthy offenses range from having adult or other otherwise banned content anywhere on the site--even if there are no AdSense ads on those pages--as well as having nothing but ads visible above the fold. "Other issues are placements that could confuse the visitor (such as making navigation or directory listings that resemble AdSense ad units)," Slegg says. "And having anything that pops overtop of ad units, such as expanding navigation or slide-in pop-overs/ups."



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