GoFish Expands Network, Reach

  • July 21, 2008
GoFish Corp., an online entertainment and media company, has added to its network MinyanLand, a virtual community for kids and their parents designed to entertain and educate a young generation on finance and economics. The addition of MinyanLand expands the network's domestic reach to more than 23 million unique visitors per month, according to San Francisco-based GoFish. Globally, GoFish now has more than 71 million unique visitors per month, according to the company.

MinyanLand combines a free virtual world for kids with supporting editorial content for parents. In addition, parents are encouraged to set up a virtual allowance that lets their kids earn MinyanMoney for chores performed in the real world. The virtual community's mission is to engender financial literacy in young people, so a new generation better understands the concepts of basic economics and finance on a real-world level.

Through the partnership, GoFish will aggregate and distribute age-appropriate advertising across the two portals, reaching both kids and parents.

--Tanya Irwin



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